New read and new jam! ❤️

New read and new jam!

Two of my favourite things right here: a good book and a kendama 🙌
“What if your struggles aren’t a barrier to thriving but an invitation into your most vibrant days?“ - The Fight to Flourish: Engaging in the Struggle to Cultivate the Life You Were Born to Live by Jennie Lusko
This book caught my eye when I saw one of its pages read,
“We don’t need to understand what God is doing in order to trust Him.”
I then learnt that this book was written after the loss of Jennie’s five-year-old daughter, Lenya.
As a family with a courageous child who is constantly facing life or death battles, it’s a very real thing when we find ourselves asking, or at least I do anyway (Mr HT is much more spiritually sound than I am), “God, why is this happening?”
But in the midst of the whys, we know we can trust the one who knows the answers to what we don’t.
It got me thinking 🤔 why is that?
In fact, what makes us trust anyone?
Then the simple truth dawned on me. We trust people when we know that their hearts are good. The truth is, God is good all the time, he is fighting for us all the time. So it is easy to trust the heart of our Heavenly Father even when we don’t understand the purpose of his perfect plan amidst our pain.
“It is in the sacred space of pain and promise that we can begin to flourish. Even in the midst of disappointment and broken dreams, it is possible to grow, be strong, and draw near to God.”
I cannot wait to read this book and re read this book over and over again. ❤️
AND how very fitting that this week Luke @KROMAUS
gifted me this beautiful @JodyBarton flower KROM kendama 😱❤️🥰 Which perfectly complimented this books cover 😍
Absolutely love at first sight with this Kendama and totally landed a spike as soon is it was unboxed 🙌🙌
Whilst HT is so new to the world of kendama we are so glad we found it. Not only does the art of kendama teach us about patience, perseverance and to keep trying, the kendama community is such a fun, loving, supportive one and we are so glad to be part of it. Check out our Reels in instagram to see our growing #HTKendamatribe in action 😎🙌
HT tribe bloom and flourish where we’re planted and know that God is fighting for you no matter how hard your circumstances may be 🌸🌺🌼🙌💪

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