Our Village/Our Tribe

One of my all time favourite sayings is the African Proverb,

"It takes a village to raise a child." 

So here we would like to introduce to you members of our tribe.

GOD: Head of the Village. Christ is the head of our home, so he is definitely the head of our HT village. Heavenly Trimmings is God's ministry and by his grace, since our humble beginnings we have been able to bless over 300 courageous children worldwide. The rest of us here at HT HQ are merely God's hands and feet on this Earth to help spread the love to courageous children, just like our son Noah. 

Winsome (that's me): Heart and soul behind HT. I'm by no means a business women. You will find me telling people that the only business I am in is the business of giving things away! I absolutely love blessing courageous children with our blessing gifts! I also love everything "Africa," so you will often find me when I'm not busy, watching live safari while enjoying a cup of Rooibos tea with Ouma rusks.

Mr HT: You may refer to him as "Postman Pat" as he is the one who is in charge of our postal runs, the one who makes sure all your parcels are delivered in a timely manner. He also happens to be a very good cook who whips up meals to ensure that our HQ is full of sustenance. 

Noah: Noah is our super amazing courageous child, a real blessing who inspires us every single day to show the world just how strong and courageous children like him are. We are so glad to be able to call him ours! 

Miss A: Our resident helper, who loves to help pack blessing gifts and write in the cards. She is the one who inspired us to create our unsung hero program. She loves her art and there is definitely no middle child syndrome for this little one!

Isaiah: Youngest member of HT HQ. A cutie pie that rocks a messy boy bun and gets into all our packing boxes and never fails to make us laugh. 

(Yes it was a sunny day! None of the kids were looking at the camera, grandpa being all serious - we like to keeping it real! Mr HT , Isaiah, Grandpa HT, Noah, Winsome (Me) & Abigail)

Our HT family, Grandpa HT, Auntie W, Auntie L and Auntie J and Uncle M: We refer to these awesome people as our HT elves. When it comes to delivering our blessing bags we need to make sure we call in the big guns. Happy to do all the heavy lifting these guys are just awesome!

HT Elves delivering 2020 Christmas Blessing Bags to MCH

(Photo Above: Our HT elves delivering our 2019 Christmas blessing bags to the Monash Children's Hospital. Left to right: Super S1, Noah, Uncle Matt, Aunty J, Miss A, Aunty L, Aunty W, Isaiah, Me (Winsome), Mr HT)

Now, everyone who steps foot into our home and spends enough time with us becomes a part of our family. Noah's 3 main carers and complex care nurse(s) are no exception.

A couple of Noah's amazing carers who are literally part of the family: These gals help hold the "tee pee" and help to control the chaos that comes with life as a medically complex family. These amazing gals go above and beyond their care for Noah. They honestly are God sent to save my sanity. They are always wiling to lend a hand when they see me drowning in a mountain of things to be done, even when they aren't on "duty" they are always there.  They are often our product testers and let me pick their brains all day about HT ideas. They have such amazing super powers! These girls/ladies may not be family by blood but they are 100% family by love! 

Super S1 aka Buttercup: Noah's very first carer. An amazing worker who completely smashes out all jobs on the to do list. Some of you may have seen her help us pack our 2018/2019 Christmas blessing bags! With no immediate family in Australia, we totally couldn't help adopting her into ours! 

Super FuFu: An amazing mama bear to her own little courageous one. Another wonderful carer for Noah who we have been blessed with that has join our village. She not only smashes out her to do list but also can't help but do all cleaning/ folding laundry for us (including cleaning the windows!) She's a mother remember - hahah. Her love for baking means the kids all get to bake with her and enjoy the fruits of their labour. 

Super U: A gentle kind soul who we have been blessed with to join our village. Super U brings a calm to the team like no other. So calm and gentle with Noahs cares. Her love of nature is so refreshing and contagious that we have learnt so much about all the wonderful plants and birds around us. She is also a book lover which means she fits right in our bookworm lifestyle and is always eager to read out-loud so many wonderful books with Noah. 

Super TC: Blessed to have have TC who is such an efficient carer join our village, able to speak cantonese, helping to keep the kids multilingual. A very efficient carer who loves speaking to Noah non stop while getting so many cares done.    

Noah's complex care nurses: These lovely ladies are the amazing nurses who helped train Noah's wonderful carers and also help us with our HT mission, by delivering our blessing gifts to the children on the Complex care program. 

Super T - From the moment I met her I instinctively knew she was God sent. Super T's love for the whole family was clearly evident from the very beginning. Not only do we both share the love of Africa (Super T is from South Africa!) she always goes above and beyond in her care not just for Noah but for the whole family. Her caring nature and her love for all fills our hearts with love and joy. Super T was Angel walking amongst us on earth and now she is an Angel in Heaven watching over us ❤️

Super D - There are always happy vibes when Super D is around. The kids love the fact that she also shares their love of Bluey and the Wiggles! Whenever we need a hand or have a question, Super D will be right there to make sure everything is ok. 

Our HT Tribe: Last but not least how can we not mention that each and every one of you who takes the time to support our cause, you are all amazing HT tribe members!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. If you would like to join our tribe be sure to like our facebook page and follow our Instagram