What are our Blessing Programs?


Our blessing programs were inspired by our very own courageous child (Noah). (We too know the hospital life - and that on the road less travelled, it's the little things that help brighten up the day. Feel free to read more About us.)

Our HT blessing programs aim to bless courageous children who are battling a chronic, life challenging or life limiting illness. Every item purchased from our shop will allow us to send a blessing bow/badge to a child with a severe and lifelong illness free of charge and all profits go into our blessing programs.

Blessing programs include:

- Our original blessing bow/badge program (personalised bows/badges gifted worldwide). Click here to meet some of the courageous children. 
- Unsung hero program (blessing bow/badges gifted to siblings of courageous children - worldwide/ including Australia.)  Click here to meet some unsung heroes.
- Christmas blessing bags (Donated to Monash Children's Hospital and other charities).
- Small blessing gifts to the hospital such as The Children's Cancer Centre at Easter and other special occasions.
- Recently as of Sept 2020, we expand our blessing programs to include Personalised blessing bags for courageous Aussie kids. These blessing bags still contain a blessing bow/badge but are also filled with many more personalised items and gifts which are gifted throughout the whole year.

Given any opportunity HT HQ will find ways to bless courageous children we meet. So our blessing programs are not completely limited to those mentioned above. 

There have been many organisations that have been part of Noah's journey and have been a big blessing to our lives!

These organisations simply offer "a place" where we belong and where differences are not seen as less. Where differences and battles are embraced, where heroes (yes all the courageous children fighting health battles!) are celebrated. So it is our hope that we too can be an organisation that blesses children and families.

We are here to let families like ours know they are not alone in life's battles.


Ways in which you can help support our blessing programs:

1. Make a purchase with purpose:

Your purchase of any item from HT will allow us to gift a blessing bow/badge to a courageous child and all profits go towards our blessing programs.

2. You can nominate a courageous child with a chronic and lifelong illness or an unsung hero whom you think our blessing program would bless.

NOTE: 2022 nominations are currently not open and we update the website once spots are available (Our family needs a much deserved break after the HUGE Christmas hustle and the huge year we have had - Thank you for your understanding) 

Nominations: To request a blessing bag (Aussie kids)/ OR blessing bow/badge (outside of AUS) for a courageous child (aged between newborn-21, suffering from severe, lifelong illnesses) please Email us with the email title “Blessing program request” introducing yourself and the courageous child you would like to nominate as well as letting us know how you heard about our program. Once you have done so we will send you out a google form to fill in, which will place the child on the wait list (Please understand that we have many requests and it takes time to create blessing bags for all of them so there will be a wait time)

3. You can donate: Donations are also more than welcome. Monetary donations are more than welcome. Feel free to make a donation via this link .If you are an owner of a business, at Christmas time we are always on the hunt for physical donations of goods for our Christmas blessing bags. 

Please Email us if you are interested in helping any of the ways stated above. 

(Above: Mr S, a courageous child showing the world that he is awesome with one of the wooden plaques we created just for courageous children!)