Our Story


It's a long one so grab a cup of tea.

Hi, I'm Winsome, I'm the heart and soul behind Heavenly Trimmings. I’m a mummy to two precious and beautiful children Mr Noah and Miss A (update third child Isaiah is here now as of 2018) and a wife to a very loving, kind and supportive husband. I’m also a VERY ordinary person with an EXTRAORDINARY God!

Long before having my own children, God placed in my heart a very special place for children, especially those living in poverty and disadvantaged children. You could say that God has wired me with a strong passion to want to fight bravely for their cause. As time passed this passion grew to children with special needs because I was blessed with one to call my own. 

Noah, my first-born - is by far one of my life's greatest blessings. To say that the first experience of parenthood was a roller coaster of a ride would be an understatement. The whole pregnancy was as normal as textbook, so as most expecting parents, we expected our child to be healthy BUT God had other plans for our journey as a family. After an “unremarkable pregnancy” our precious bundle of joy was born. However, Noah has several complex and rare conditions and to this day there is still no diagnosis. (Diagnosis or not, this doesn’t change the unconditional love we have for our precious Noah.) But the journey we have had as a family has been nothing short of amazing! There is definitely truth in the saying that the roads less travelled are often the ones most incredible. We have met lots of wonderful amazing people who’s lives we would not have crossed paths with if it had not been for Noah.

By now you are probably wondering why bows and headbands in brown paper packages to bless children? Well a few months before Noah's second birthday we let others know that we had been blessed with another bub soon to join the family :) Miss A came along (we are grateful she is healthy) and I found myself trying to find bows and accessories I liked but could only find things overseas and shipping costs were more than the items themselves! Due to Noah’s complex health and ongoing need for full time care, I have been unable to fully return to my previous profession, so with the little “ME” time that I have left over I decided to make my own bows, I ended up making so many I wanted to give them away - which is where the idea of our original blessing bow/badge program began... That… my friends, is how Heavenly Trimmings (& the HT blessing bow/badge program) was born and as they say the rest is HISTORY or “HIS (God’s) Story”.

As a mother blessed with a courageous child, I know it is my mission to be a voice for all these amazingly brave champions and to help bring awareness to their battles. To teach the world to see them for who they truly are - amazing blessings from God. 

Aside from Heavenly Trimmings being a place where you can make purchases with a purpose to support our blessing programs, it is my wish also that we can inspire, encourage, spread love while sharing the joy that is found in life's trials as we let you see a glimpse into the rainbow of chaos which is our life with a medically complex warrior.

Over the years we have watched HT grow and have been able to bless more courageous children in more and more ways and we cannot wait to see what the future holds. Thank you for taking the time to support our cause, we wouldn't be able to do it without the many caring souls out there. 

PS. Isaiah is doing well (Isaiah wasn't forgotten, he just wasn't quite "in the picture" at the time HT was born back in 2015, but he is well and truly fits in perfectly into our rainbow of chaos and is a great little brother to his siblings). 

(Here is a more recent photo of Isaiah with his ("boy bun" gone wild) 'helping" me pack our blessing bags for Aussie kids)