What is your definition of a courageous child? 

At HT you will frequently see us using the term "Courageous Children" to describe the children we bless with our blessing programs. Those that are fighting lifelong/life threatening illness. In our eyes they are strong and courageous. 

Do you take donations?

Yes monetary donations are always welcome. You can choose to make donations upon check out when making a purchase OR you can click here to make donations. In addition, if you run a business, we do look for donation of physical goods for our Christmas blessing bags. If making donations (monetary or physical) is something that interests you, please Email us at - heavenlytrimmings@gmail.com

Does every cent of my donation go towards the children?

Yes please rest assured, 100 percent of your donation will go towards our blessing program (except processing fees, this is why we prefer direct deposit for purchases) which include, blessing bows/badges, Aussie Blessing Bags, Easter & Christmas love gifts and Christmas Blessing Bags. All of these things are gifted to bless courageous children

Do you offer free shipping?

No, we do not. Whilst we are aware that many places will offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount, due to the nature of our charitable business we are unable to offer free shopping. The cost of shipping will be calculated based on the weight of your items. This will be calculated and displayed prior to completing check out.

Thank you for your understanding.

Do you ship Internationally?

1. At this particular point in time we are not shipping internationally, purchase on this website is only available within Australia due to the website being so new. If however you are from outside Australia and there is something on our website that is of interest, please contact us via Email and we will be able to assist you there.
2. But please rest assure that the original HT Blessing Bow/Badge program is still running worldwide for Courageous Children. 

What do you mean by Purchase with a Purpose?

Every item sold allows us to gift a blessing bow/badge to a courageous child fighting a life long/life threatening illness and all profits go towards our blessing programs. So if you don't call that a purchase with purpose I don't know what is. 

How do we nominate a child for a blessing bag?

Nominations: To request a blessing bag (Aussie kids)/ OR blessing bow/badge (outside of AUS) for a courageous child (aged between newborn-21, suffering from severe, lifelong illnesses) please Email us with the Email title “Blessing program request”

Is Heavenly Trimmings a Non-Profit Organisation?

Although we have not registered ourselves as a charity or a non-profit organisation with the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission), we do operate like a Non-Profit organisation in that all our profits go towards courageous children. This is to the extent that we operate at a loss each year to date (2020). We have no intention to register ourselves with ACNC at the present time due to the burden of regulation, but we will consider it in the future if Heavenly Trimmings grows larger.