Heavenly Trimmings finally has a website!

Hi HT tribe,

Hooray! Praise the Lord our HT website is finally up and running! 

Launching a website - this is huge! So you didn't think we would launch without a story to go with it right? After all I'm (Winsome) always one for enjoying a cup of tea with a good read!

So go grab a cuppa and enjoy the story behind why we have finally launched a Heavenly Trimmings website. 

Over the years countless people have asked if Heavenly Trimmings has a website for them to make a #purchasewithapurpose to support our blessing programs.

It's been a long time coming, 5 years if you consider that most places often start their website launch lead up months before they even come into existence. However, just like the very courageous children we bless through our HT blessing programs our HQ, never quite does things by the book!

We had debated for a long time whether a website was something we should undertake. But with our HT blessing programs expanding and HT growing in regards to the items we stocked to help sustain our blessing programs, we felt it was the right thing to do. We also felt that we should formally introduce ourselves and share with you all why we do what we do. So, we finally put "create a HT website" on the top of our to do list. By the grace of God despite living in the rainbow of chaos that we live in at HT HQ we actually managed to set up this website up!

Now let us give you a good giggle (because we sure had one) at the "realness" of things here at HT HQ, website creation started something like this:

Me (Winsome): OK let's do this (sign up to create a website).

Super S2: (who you can learn about in the "Our village/ Our tribe" section): Do it! you got this!

Me: Oh NO!!! I signed up with an email that isn't even mine! (not sure how one could confuse hotmail with gmail but I did!) - HELP!!

Super S2: What? How? Like dude that is step one! How did you get your own email wrong! Ok..calm down... calm down. Lets try to fix it. We got this!

Me: We can't it's not even my email! The welcome email would have gone to someone else's email!

Super S2: Let me ask Chat help for help.

So our website set up started off with Super S2 having a lovely chat to a website support tech called Jherome. Jherome if you read this thank you for your help and patience. 

(Above: Super S2 taking the lead to fix my first mistake!)

But after the "small" initial hick up, things have gone smoothly! We hope that our website will be well received and that it will help serve its purpose. 

So there you have it HT tribe! Today we officially launched our own Heavenly Trimmings website! With that being said let us remind you all that our main focus has always been and always will be our HT blessing programs - our giving. This website as exciting as it is, is purely a means to make it easier and give more opportunities for everyone to support our cause. We hope this website will make it less confusing as to how to make #purchasewithpurpose from HT.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who have made #purchaseswithpurposes from HT in the past few years through private messages on FB and Instagram. We appreciate greatly the feedback some of you gave us in suggesting that a website would make it easier for you to purchase items. 

Welcome to our Heavenly Trimmings website: You can shop to your hearts content knowing that for each item you purchase we will be gifting a blessing/bow badge to a courageous child (who is fighting life threatening/lifelong health battle) while all profits go into our blessing program. 

We invite you take a look around, learn more about Heavenly Trimmings and our blessing programs and if your heart so desires to make a purchase or to donate please feel free to do so.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all love and for choosing to support our humble little mission so that we can continue to spread the love to more and more courageous children, just like our son Noah. 

Thank you to those that have helped in advice for our website set up. Your input and help has been a real blessing. 

Also a huge shout out to all the courageous children out there who inspire us to keep doing what we do to bring smiles to your precious faces.

Many Blessings,



Please note: Stock levels of certain items may be currently limited due to COVID delays. But please do keep an eye for restocks which are expected soon.